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Waddingtons have been producing buildings for agriculture, light industry and commerce since 1924. You will see our distinctive 'W' all over England on farm buildings, industrial units, riding arenas etc.


1924: Fred Waddington left school, saved up for a horse and cart then started to haul stone from a local quarry at the tender age of 13. Three years on his father Frank Waddington (senior) by request, took on an old sawmill that had stood empty for a few years. The local landlord promised all the estates work through them if they took on the premises. WADDINGTONS WERE IN BUSINESS!

Initially all buildings were made from timber by skilled joiners however during the war the family was forced to convert to using steel as timber became licenced. Our First steel building is still standing today at the cricket fields near Tanfield and is pictured in the background to this page. 

Once timber became unlicenced the family reverted back to timber buildings which the joiners prefered until the late 60's when Frank Waddington (3rd Generation) realised the importance and flexibility of steel.

Since then the family have made a large range of steel portal framed buildings for many applications all over the country and this massive experience is now been handed on to the 5th generation.

We produce high quality, fit for purpose buildings made to meet strict UKCA marking criteria.

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